Create Your Vital and Vibrant Future

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The current generation of people heading into their 50’s, 60’s and beyond are living longer and better than generations in the past. The retirement years stretch ahead and can either be filled with purpose and enjoyment or be unbelievably boring.

What will I do? Will I still feel like I’m needed and useful?

For many owners of family businesses the thought of succession and retirement creates untold stress and fear.

For entrepreneurs the thought of retiring may be daunting. They have lived with their businesses for years, even decades, and the business is a huge part of their identity.

One of the challenges of succession planning is the difficulty that many current owners have in giving up control. There are certainly situations where entrepreneurs want to keep control for control’s sake but we believe that one of the main reasons the current owners don’t want to give up control is because they don’t know what else to do that will give meaning to and create pride in their lives.

Planning for the future, not only financially, but emotionally will facilitate the succession planning process. That certainly doesn’t mean that the current owners will no longer be involved in the business but it may mean that their involvement will be different than it has been in the past. The degree of involvement will vary for each family and each business.

There’s no right or wrong because each of us looks at the future differently. Your vital and vibrant future will be just as individual as you are.

To assist individuals and couples develop a plan for their emotional future, we have created a step by step process that will help define and articulate what is important, why it is important and can it reasonably be accommodated in their lifestyle.


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