Whooooo Becomes Stressed at Christmas?

I think, to a certain extent, we all become stressed at Christmas. Some exciting and enjoyable stresses just come along with preparations for the season but other more harmful stresses may enter the mix as well.

The sources of stress are different for each individual and family but quite often a major source of harmful stress is rifts within the family. And when these rifts are compounded because family members work together in a family business they can become more obvious at Christmas time. All of the perceived hurts, offenses, rejections and criticisms are remembered when family members choose not to attend (or are not invited to) festive family functions.

Rifts in family and business can certainly impact the enjoyment of the Christmas holidays. Maybe making a gesture of reconciliation and a commitment to resolve the issues in the new year will bring peace and comfort to family members this Christmas season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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