Trust and Communication

Trust is the basic building block of communication.

Trust allows vulnerability to be part of the conversation and vulnerability encourages more communication. However, trust is extremely fragile. It can take years to develop and can be destroyed in a heartbeat.

Trust and communication are opposite sides of the same coin. The more we trust the more we will be inclined to communicate and the more we communicate the more we will be inclined to trust.

But what happens when trust is damaged or broken.

It takes both parties to rebuild trust in any relationship or family business. Trust is inherent in families and in family businesses because they are family. However, trust can be lost very quickly by actions, words and sometimes even silence.

If you have broken the trust here are some steps that may help to rebuild it:

  • Keep your word
  • Tell the truth – no enhancements
  • Be transparent
  • Give without any strings attached

If someone else has broken the trust here are some steps that you can use to help rebuild it:

  • Communicate
  • Be committed to the relationship
  • Listen…. really listen
  • Avoid ultimatums
  • Be patient

A good definition of trust is:

“Trust is the confidence that I have that you will act in my best interests in my absence.”

Trust in families and family businesses is critical for the long-term health and success of both.

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