More on Meetings

One of the most important facets of starting the meeting process is to name the meetings appropriately.

If a meeting is called a “family meeting” and not all of the family is invited to participate there’s a good chance somebody is going to be annoyed.

Studies have found the brain reacts to rejection, lack of appreciation and/or being ignored in the same way as it reacts to physical pain.

It should not be surprising therefore, if a family member becomes irate when not asked to a family meeting.

The definition of family varies. It is very important for all concerned to understand who is and isn’t family with respect to the meetings.

Defining the purpose of the meetings can help name them properly. For example, they could be planning meetings, stakeholder meetings or business meetings and, of course, family meetings.

Being clear on the purpose of the meetings and who should attend will help create focus and enhance the overall effectiveness of the meetings.

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