Meetings and Communication

Meetings can be one of the easiest methods to facilitate communication. Meetings can also be a royal pain. What makes the difference? Planning and structure makes the difference.

The first meeting could be to establish rules for all future meetings – respect, no leaving in anger, engaged listening, everyone has the right to be heard……

Meetings have be meet the needs of the family and the business, but once the ground rules are in place, here are a few guidelines to hopefully make your meetings efficient and effective:

– Determine who should attend and then name the meeting appropriately
– Establish a regular schedule
– Keep the meetings short and stick to that timeframe
– Have an agenda – What needs to be decided? What information is needed to make those decisions?
– Record decisions and accountabilities
– Rotate the chair

Meetings can be a safe place to discuss challenges, opportunities and create a common vision to the future of the family and the business. They can allow the participants to better understand each other, resolve differences and encourage trust. And trust and communication go hand in hand.

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