Communication and Strategic Planning

“Family” meetings tend to focus on the individuals involved. Sharing thoughts, goals and purpose with others when one is not used to doing so may be intimidating and may create a sense of being vulnerable. And being vulnerable is a state that many individuals find uncomfortable.

On the other hand, strategic planning tends to focus on the business. Because strategic planning does not happen in isolation it can be a form of “Family” meeting. Thoughts, goals and purpose may be more easily articulated when discussing the business rather than the individual.

Discussing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the business quite often will reflect the underlying feelings and opinions of the participants.

For example, a parent and child had significantly different views on what the definition of “growth” was for the business. Through the strategic planning process they were able to create a common vision of “growth” as well as develop a greater understanding of each other.

Using a strategic planning process to encourage communication can be both effective and efficient.

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