A Culture of Communication

IMG-20121104-00074If I had to choose one area that families should focus on to increase the chances of a successful transition of their business to the next generation – I would choose “communication skills”

Communication is the thread that ties the family and the business together.

Communication takes many forms. Words, of course, but also tone, posture and even silence form a large  part of our communication with others.

Listening is often a forgotten part of communication. Quite often we are not listening to understand but to respond. Engaged listening is extremely powerful as a tool in our interaction with others.

Words are often processed differently by different people. Quite often conflict can be minimized by making sure the individuals involved in the conflict are really talking about the same thing.

Because effective communication on important topics will have many different components, face to face discussion (rather than electronic communication) will always provide more opportunities for creating and maintaining a culture of communication.

The next post will address a couple of easy ways to facilitate the communication process.

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